Our Mission

The LoneSTAR Coalition Against Pornography (or LCAP) is a non-profit agency with a mission to educate Texans about the harmful effects of pornography and to increase awareness about available resources for prevention and recovery. LCAP is operated by a team of volunteers who believe that education is a powerful way to fight against pornography and sexual exploitation.  


LCAP Initiatives

  • Host an annual conference for the general public on topics related to pornography, safeguarding children, and enhancing healthy sexuality.

  • Draft a resolution that “Pornography is a public health crisis” to be presented to the Texas Legislature. Two Senators have agreed to sponsor the resolution. Once it passes, this resolution can increase awareness of serious problems that pornography presents to the general public. Texas Advocates United for Sexual Health is a sister organization to LCAP with representatives in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Our shared goal is that this resolution will pass in the 2018 legislative session. Learn more about the proposal here.

  • Unite in favor of Fight The New Drug gaining access to public schools in Texas. Fight The New Drug uses science, personal accounts and motivational messaging to reach adolescents with an anti-porn, pro-love message. They drop knowledge on how porn affects the brain, relationships, and society.


Past Conferences



Dallas, Texas



Dallas, Texas



Dallas, texas


Past Speakers


Clay Olsen

Co-founder and Executive Director of Fight The New Drug

Filmmaker; Marketer; Entrepreneur; Founder of four businesses

Public Speaker


Dr. Don L. Hilton Jr.

Professor at Univ. of Texas - San Antonio


International speaker on the brain science of pornography addiction.


Stefanie Carnes

President of ITAAP-Certified Sex Addiction Community

Directed residential treatment programs

Nationally recognized author/speaker